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AuroraSpeedster was made by professionals and also tested on beginners to ensure it is optimized for all kind of users.

  • Technical or fundamental trader
  • News trader (under 50.000$ on trading account)
  • Profesional news trader
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The tour

The tour

AuroraSpeedster is one of the fastest news trading software. And it's also:


  • Easy and safe to install
  • Effective and flexible
  • Automatic
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Earn money trading news

Earn money trading news

We are news traders professionals, earning money by news trading for years. We have gained a lot of knowledge, learned many tricks and made many mistakes.

So we decided to write an e-book for you. You can learn:

  • how news trading works,
  • how can you make money by trading news,
  • what tools you need,
  • what mistakes you want to avoid,
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