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Speedster Aurora Dual Feed

Speedster Aurora Dual Feed


Speedster Aurora Dual Feed is specialized software focused for highest level futures news traders. It consists of two parts (clients). First one (Speedster Aurora CME) is optimized for Chicago Mercantile Exchange. With server located in the data-centre of CME and an extra fast news feed on a additional client it provides an extreme speed advantage against all other competing software. This will result in much better fills and lower trading risk than you can get with our competition.  We recommend use of dedicated server in exchange proximity and low latency type of platform (X trader, R trader) to fully take advantage of additional speed.

Second  feed version offers different source of releases which will be located in new CME Datacenter in Aurora Chicago. Solution is customized for lowest possible latency to access CME exchange and is perfectly suited for futures traders. It’s highly recommended that Aurora feed users have their server near CME exchange.

In the package you will also have normal Speedster Aurora Pro that you can use completely separately from Speedster Aurora CME. Its been made by news traders with 5 years experience. Its made to be as easy to use as possible. You can setup 10 different trading platforms in 20 seconds! It is just that fast and easy to use.  It has all the features an experienced news trader would need.  It is the fastest retail solution for instant access to important economic news releases. It will send your orders to market as fast as 1ms after economic releases numbers have been published by data issuer. For best results use servers located near exchange you are trading on.


Some key features Speested Aurora CME

Some key features Speested Aurora Pro

Usage is simple.
  • Select the news you want to trade
  • Just set the minimum deviation numbers (level of surprise from forcasted numbers)
  • Press Start and use keys b or s to record buy or sell buttons on your platform (application will automatically click on the recorded button when the news comes out)
  • Wait for the release and exit your positions manually
  • You can use multiple logins on same computer if you need an aggressive and conservative setting
  • Delete recorded positions simply by right clicking on B or S letters in the application
  • Check recorded positions simply by left clicking on B or S letters in the application